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Or an incentive to enter. Of course, it would also change the current dynamic of how bardic champions are currently run -- no one sees a problem with one bard being champion of several groups, except perhaps me. One championship is hard enough to do well, if one intends to serve as a champion, rather than collect ching-chings to wear.
  As we are discussing the Kingdom championship, let's discuss championships in general. Do we need to look at how we approach them as Bards? Is it really a responsible thing for someone in Houston to go to Oklahoma, compete, win, and then come back a year later to pass on regalia?
  Do I think this should be legislated? No. I think it might be a good thing to look at personally -- if you are Bard of Elfsea and Steppes, to which voice do you answer, or answer first, if your Barons DO call on you at say, Coronation? What if, as part of our culture of friendly competition, two groups have a contest -- and you are a champion of both?
  Waspishly yours,

    local and Kingdom bardic championships. It's an interesting thought.

  On the other hand, it would be another "barrier to entry" for Eisteddfod. Do we really need another one?


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