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Tue Oct 31 11:24:54 PST 2006

Esther wrote:

> A thought -- just a thought....
> What if the Eisteffod was a bard off of the branch champions? It would
> both strengthen the competition for local titled bards, and in turn
> strengthen the Kingdom competition.
> Thoughts?

It sounds good in theory, but what actual effects will it have?  People become local bards for the wrong reasons, people kept out of the competition for the Premier Bard for the wrong reasons.

1. I don't want anybody trying to become Bard of the Steppes for any reason except because he or she wants to be Bard of the Steppes.

2. Six people entered Kingdom Eisteddfod last year .  Six.  We simply don't need any rule to reduce the numbers of people entering.

3. The first time I won Kingdom Eisteddfod I was Baron of the Steppes, and therefore was not willing to become a local bard.  (The baron's first duty is to extol the virtues of his barony; the branch bard's duty is to that branch.)  I would therefore not have been allowed to enter to be the Premier Bard.  

4. Consider the final local bardic championship before Eisteddfod.  Somebody is stepping down as that local bard.  If she was conscientious about her duties, she may have refused to enter other competitions while she was the bard of that branch.  So she is now ineligible to be our Premier Bard precisely because she won a bardic championship and treated it as a high honor and duty.  Is that a good plan?

Again, it sounds good in theory, but the measure of an idea is what effect it will actually have on people.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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