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Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Tue Oct 31 11:54:27 PST 2006

Michael Silverhands replied to Willow:

>> We need long term officers that work
>> for the college for at least 2 years to keep the teaching and
>> performing things going. In Ansteorra the Crown has a lot of tradition
>> to explain to new individuals what their job is, but the Premier Bard
>> doesn't have the same folk knowledge.
>> Willow

> With all respect, Your Grace, when you describe regional "officers"
> with terms of "2 years" and a chain of command and a newsletter, you
> *are* describing bureaucrats. That isn't necessarily a negative term;
> it just is what it is.

I won't argue semantics.  The difference she is trying to draw is important.

> However, I have to wonder: isn't the function you described
> (promoting bardic events, helping to organize them, etc.) the
> function of the Deputy Kingdom Minister of A&S? Don't we already have
> Kingdom officers to do this?

The phrasing of the question "Don't we already have Kingdom officers to do 
this?" is crucial, I think.  No, we don't have any officers at all.  The 
kingdom and the corporation have officers.  They report to the Kingdom A&S 
Minister, the Crown, and the Society A&S Minister.  They do not report to 
us, and they do not belong to us.

More importantly, the idea that we  should "have officers to do this" is the 
problem.  It assumes that we have Ihon to support the bards.  Officers of 
the College aren't extensions of the cororate structure; they are extensions 
of us.  In truth they *are* us -- they would be the ones of us with the 
dedication and time and focus *right now* to focus on what we all agreed to 

Officers of the College would be by and for the bards.  That's what Her 
Grace means when she says that they wouldn't be bureaucrats.

And ultimately, no, we don't have officers doing it to our satisfaction. 
That's where this thread started.

> Regarding "long term" bards to provide continuity to the newer bards
> of the kingdom... how would that be different from what, for example,
> you and Robin and Kat and Ulf and Finnacan... (etc.)... are currently
> doing?

It's quite different from what I'm currently doing.  I'm currently 
unemployed and going to as few events as possible.  It's not different from 
what I did in 1988-1989 when I was an officer of the College.  Elder 
statesmen provide guidance and experience, but not energy and excitement.

In any event, we are having this discussion because it isn't getting done 
well enough.

> Clearly, I'm missing something. If that's the purpose of the officers
> of the College... then it seems to me there's no need for it. But,
> obviously, you and Robin *do* see a clear need... so, equally
> obviously, you are seeing something that I am not. Can you please
> clear up this confusion?

I am seeing what you are not because I am seeing the eighties.  When bards 
met regularly and told everyone that they were part of a fun and supportive 
group, more people wanted to join it.

I feel like I'm trying to explain sex to a virgin, while sitting on a 
perfectly good bed.  I can't explain why bards meeting regularly in mutual 
support at events with lots of venues to perform will help.  I just know 
that it will.  The College is why I became a bard.  Does that have any 

Has anybody ever become a bard because of what a Kingdom A&S officer or 
deputy did?



Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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