[Bards] Local bardic championship formats and judging

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Tue Oct 31 12:24:18 PST 2006

First, I am loathe to presume to structure something as wonderfully idiosyncratic as how and why groups choose their bardic champions. We have enough regimentation as it is.
If we do want to have a "Qualifying" process for Estifodd, I think it should be independent of the group champtionships -- though I think victory should qualify the Bard for entry, period. They had to do something right, after all.
  It might also give a "duty" that the Bard could perhaps take seriously? And Perhaps might also invest the populace of that group in attending and cheering on their "champion"?
  But then we get back to that multiple champion thing.... 
  I had the honor of being Glaslyn's Bardic champion once, by the way. I chose not to enter any competitions since I had my duty for the year -- but I did participate in other competitions, by going first and breaking the ice for the other performers. So, I harp on a personal choice and opinion.

Michael Silverhands <silverhands at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  Greetings, cousins:

Several points have been made regarding local championships:
* they are the "front line" of bardic in the Kingdom, for many people
* they could possibly be used as a preliminary round for Eisteddfod

They also have some problems:
* they could stand to be better promoted
* they could stand to have more uniform standards of judging
* what about champions who aren't so much the victor of a 
competition, as the (possibly whimsical) personal choice of the 

Your thoughts?

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