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I am an Ugly An Tirian by way of ten years of ambassadorial exile in Caid.
  So yeah, I ain't from around here. Take what I say with a large Siberian Salt Mine attached.
  You're dead on about promoting rather than advertising, too.
  So, what DOES the deputy MoAs do bardic DO?

Michael Silverhands <silverhands at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
On Oct 31, 2006, at 3:21 PM, Esther wrote:

> Well, it seems to me, that the paralell is apt...

With a hugely important difference: Crown and Queen's always occur, 
every reign, per Kingdom Law.[1] And there's no question whether the 
Crown "buys into" those events.

In the past 15 years, how often have we had an Eisteddfod? Have we 
had "skip a year"s? What about in the previous 10 years (the "golden 
age" described by Robin)?

What about Kingdom A&S, King's Lancer, Royal Huntsman, or any of the 
other recurring[2] Kingdom championship tournaments? In each case, 
who is the driving force that "makes" those events happen?

> ... the MoAS becomes the person responsible for drumming up the 
> bids, and working with the Kingdom Bard to make the event happen. 
> They might also be responsible for advertising the event.

I believe that the hosting group would be responsible for advertising 
the event -- just as the hosting group currently advertises Crown, 
for example. *Promoting*, on the other hand...

> Remember, I may be expecting more structure than Ansteorra prefers. 
> I are a ferner, after all -- and what I am used to, such as a 
> Kingdom Ceremonial for the use of heralds, is often not what is 
> done in the Stellar Kingdom.
> Esther

Y'all ain't from aroun' here, are ya?



[1] Jan2006_Ansteorra_Law2.pdf>, pages 23-24
[2] what's with "reocurring" in Kingdom Law? That's not even a word! 
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