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Tue Oct 31 18:06:24 PST 2006

Well, as his boss, I can tell you what he's SUPPOSED to do...LOL!
  Master Ion is a wonderful bard, a great laurel and has a good good heart.  At the war I was very inspired by the bardic circle in front of the Ansteorran gate.  I talked to Master Ion about my desire to see a renewed interest in bardic in our Kingdom and my complete lack of knowledge about how to accomplish that.  He volunteered to help.  My 2 years is up in January, but I am not sure when I will step down.  I have a few loose ends to tie up and I'm still enjoying myself.  I hope my successor will chose to continue to work with Master Ion.

Michael Silverhands <silverhands at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
On Oct 31, 2006, at 3:58 PM, Esther wrote:

> So, what DOES the deputy MoAs do bardic DO?
> Esther

(whispered... *ahem* Ihon, that's your cue.)


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