[Bards] Some thoughts and an anouncement

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Sun Apr 1 22:44:06 PDT 2007

My friends,

I am honored to announce that Master Robin of Gilwell is the new Bard 
of Elfsea.

That said, I have had a very educational experience.

Please indulge my sharing of a few lessons learned.

1.  Advertisement really does work.

We had 9 participants in our bardic competition.  All of them came 
prepared and ready to perform.  I feel convinced that we had the 
numbers we did because of the time taken to let people know both by 
word of mouth and on the mailing lists that the event was 
happening.  I feel that the invitations, in separate emails from the 
general invitations, made a difference.

2.  When there is a specific theme requested, the challenge given to 
the performers causes them to push themselves beyond their comfort 
levels, and they rise to the occasion.

This competition requested something entertaining that would not make 
our Baroness cry, and something honoring the theme of the event, 
Piracy.  I heard some great stuff.  Afterward, more than one person 
told me that they had performed pieces they had never performed 
before.  It was wonderful to hear new stuff, only a few of the pieces 
I heard were familiar to me.  Not only that, but all those attending 
were focusing on each piece, and not talking or wandering about.

3.  It is never a good idea to take the decision of the judges too 
seriously.  If you had all performed the week before, it is more than 
likely that a different set of finalists would have been chosen.

My meaning?  The mood of the judges, and the situation they are 
currently in affects how they view the performances that day.  I can 
honestly say that after judging a competition myself, that knowing 
the mood and temper of the judges can truly help in your choice of 
piece to perform.  Just as a bardic circle may not be interested in a 
certain mood of piece, judges will be influenced by what they like, 
and what affects them that day.  It felt rather surreal choosing one 
or two from so many different performances.

Thanks for your time, and comments are very much appreciated.

Especially if you disagree, just be nice.  GRIN

As an aside, Thank you Dona Antonia for being willing to help 
judge.  It was great to see you and spend time with you.

In service to the Dream,
Maggie MacPherson

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