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Sat Apr 7 19:43:03 PDT 2007

Hail and well met!

I got to attend my very first War and very first Gulf War this March and I
must say that I had an absolute blast! I stayed busy, I got to see allot of
what was going on, meet allot of really awesome people and really get to see
what his grace Miguel had been talking about! I can't wait until next year.

I did a lot of Marshaling over the week and really got to get in on the
thick of things and a few of the other kingdoms and some of our own baronies
really did inspire me. In the bridge battle I got to watch the left hand
bridge which I think was held by Calentir and Rosenfeild (feel free to
correct me if I am wrong). The first "Lay On" had the Adrenalin pumping-
They were just running at each other! Surely they were going to slow to
engage their enemies! Well, the pile of bodies that resulted proved me wrong
and I had finally gotten to see my first true "Meat Masher". The Walking
Dead had no resurrection point to wander off to so the majority of them
built a wall of dead behind me and the other marshalls watching that bridge.
They were not however silent ghosts by any means, these poltergeists raised
a clamor in support of their brother and sisters of arms. They became so
excited and so rambunctious that I had to get them under control so to be
able to watch and make sure the fighters were safe and I had enough room to
get out of the way without running back into someone! But they inspired me,
with their songs, marches, and Cadence they urged the fighters to keep on

As I am new to the SCA I know there are plenty of these out there, waiting
to be read in some archive - or maybe just waiting to be written down. I
have talked to a few people about it and I've decided that I want to get a
song book together. Not just an Ansteorran song book - cause we have one of
those, but an Ansteorran Battle Song Book. I don't fool myself into thinking
that I can do this alone- trust me, I just don't have that much creative
juice in me! I believe, however, that if enough bards get together we can
come up with a hefty collection of war songs and cadence to teach our
populace and fighters to make their voices heard at the next Gulf War. This
is our chance to truly get involved in the battles, another way for the
diversity of Ansteorra to come together and be heard!

So here comes the recruiting! Please help! I'll need writers and people to
show me what to do! If I get really caught up in it I'll need artists to
help make it pretty! I want cadences that cover everything from steamrolling
the enemy to holding the line and I want them to be easy to remember and
work off of! (I am told I am spoiled and do want a lot!) I am always
contactable by e-mail, but will list my phone number in case some of you
just want to chat. I do ask on that however - that you save your calls until
after 3 in the afternoon. I work nights, so I sleep in the day and I refuse
to hold myself accountable to any conversation that occurs while I am half

That said give me a shout - even if its just input on things to help me
organize this and get others involved - all forms of help are appreciated.
Lets make this a true piece of Ansteorran work, with the diversity and skill
that I got to see out on the battle field, on the stands at the Arts and
Sciences and in the actions and faces of all those that helped make this
Gulf War for me a memory that I will always cherish! oh! and lets not forget
the bardic circles held by campfire once the sun went down and that
continued till the sun came up the next day! You guys were an absolute
blast. Thank you!

Brightest Blessings,

Adelina of the Steppes

Jasiwolf at gmail.com
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