[Bards] Steppes Bardic format?

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Wed Apr 11 11:51:26 PDT 2007

Finnacan and I are the Steppes Bards at present.  We have delayed deciding 
this until the new ruler(s), to be uinducted that day, could be chosen. 
Lady Katharyn Cunningghame will be our next baroness, and we will consult 
with her as soon as possible to determine how she wishes her first bard to 
be chosen.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

> Has there been any word on the format for Steppes' Bardic Championship?  I 
> realize it's over a month away, but I like to plan well in 
> advance...especially if a road trip is involved. :)

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