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Thanks for the information. The site looks interesting and worthy,
though you might want to avoid the .com version of the URL as it's a
typical spam site. Try here instead for the Librivox project:
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Hi all!
I thought some of you might find this link of
interest.  I've just discovered a site called LibriVox
(http://www.librivox.com), dedicated to the creation
and distribution of free, public domain audiobooks.  I
mention it because the site appears to be completely
volunteer-driven: anybody can volunteer to record a
passage, a poem, a chapter, or (if you're feeling
ambitious) even an entire book.  
There are multiple collaborations going on right now,
including recordings of Le Morte d'Arthur, Bulfinch's
Mythology, and several Shakespearean collections.  You
can suggest titles, and they'll accept recordings in
any language, as long as the book is in the public
How wonderful would it be to have the talents of our
Ansteorran bards lent to a project like this?  I can
just imagine the great renditions of Beowulf, The
Iliad, the Icelandic sagas... the Mabinogion if I
could ever pronounce all those names right... in any
case, I think it could be a lot of fun, and I wanted
to pass it along in case anybody's interested. :)
In service and song,
Catrin ferch Maelgwn
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