[Bards] Ansteorra War Song Book

Jessica Smith jasiwolf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 08:02:27 PDT 2007

well... I hadn't thought so far ahead as to putting it online and so forth.
That opens a whole new scope  for getting it out there and I'm sure that I
will probably end up putting it online so that it can be viewed and printed
and learned from.
Thank you for volunteering I'll need all the help i can get!
As far as music and notes and chords - I don't have the music experience to
come up with those on my own. If you have them for the piece however I would
be happy to put them into the book with it!
As far as bringing in other pieces not written by you. I don't want to put
anything in this that the original writer doesn't want there. I also want
these things to be either by an Ansteorrian or about Ansteorra. If you find
a song that you think would really inspire an Ansteorrian that works too.
That being said - recruit. If you can somehow trace the song back to its
writer or writers and can find me a way to contact them or help me find a
way to contact them - I would be more then happy to beg for the privilege of
being able to print the songs.
And of course these can be old songs! bring them on! Lets give them new
voices to sing them and make sure they get printed once again!

On 4/18/07, Brigdon, Floyd <brigdon at tvcc.edu> wrote:
>       Milady,
>     Do you plan on making this War Song book accessible on the internet? I
> would be most interested in it when it is compiled and would be willing to
> volunteer my services, should you require them, to help in the compilation.
>     I will also scout around and see if ther emight be something that I
> can send to contribute.
>     Also.... and this is just a thought that I had while I was about to
> press "send"... I see that you are planning a nice illuminated edition, but
> have you thought about producing something that might be more useful to
> musicians, perhaps something with chords and/or tablature? That may be far
> beyond the scope of your vision but speaking as a guitarist who has yet to
> train himself to read music, that may prove useful to some. Just a thought.
> :^)
>      YIS,
>      Milo Le Roux
>      Ansteorran Fray
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> Hello again! Its me! Begging for songs!
> I've got two talented illuminists (would that be the tilte?) waiting to
> illuminate the pieces you send me! These pieces don't just have to be songs
> either. They can be stories, poems, cadence, and chants as well! So send me
> what you got and lets get a nice thick stack of pages for the ladies to
> illuminate!
> Yours,
> Adelina of the Steppes
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