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It's a fine job on a song Lord Cormac! Add a chorus (or point out which is the chorus in the piece you sent) and it would be perfect! 

Lady Siobhan

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 Since I am the oldest known still active fighter in Ansteorra and Rapier Marshal for Skorragardr, I am 64, i wrote this short piece. I don't think it good enough to be published, but thought you might like to read it. I am also a bard and will continue playing and singing long after i finally retire my rapier.
Ld. Cormac The Black called Starwalker

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Hello again! Its me! Begging for songs! 
I've got two talented illuminists (would that be the tilte?) waiting to illuminate the pieces you send me! These pieces don't just have to be songs either. They can be stories, poems, cadence, and chants as well! So send me what you got and lets get a nice thick stack of pages for the ladies to illuminate! 
Adelina of the Steppes

>Bards mailing list
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Bards mailing list
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