[Bards] Bjornsborg Bardic Night

Ken Theriot kentheriot at ravenboymusic.com
Thu Apr 26 15:09:49 PDT 2007


In case anyone lives close enough, or happens to be in town, Adelaide and I
do a monthly "bardic night" at our house in San Antonio monthly.  Here is
the information we send to our baronial list for this Friday's bardic night:

Just a reminder that bardic night is this Friday at our house. Here is the
information for those who have not been (or need reminding):

Bardic night is an evening of bardic performances (songs, stories, poems
etc.) that we share with the group as the turn passes around the room. We do
this to foster bardic performance so when you next find yourself at an
event, and they announce the "bardic circle," you'll know what to do. If you
don't have anything to perform, simply don't feel like it, or just want to
come and listen to all the other performances, just say "pass" when the turn
gets around to you. (Adelaide will hand you a book; feel free to ignore
her.) This is true of bardic circles at events as well.

There is always snack food of some variety. This is not a hint that you
need to bring anything. Something always seems to materialize. We have a
variety of drinks (both refreshing and recreational :)). If you have a
preference for something outré, feel free to bring in with you. 

Festivities get started at 7:30 pm and go until the last person leaves
(usually quite late).

Here is how to get here:

Come to Blanco and 1604 (if coming from Austin, take 35 to 1604 west and
exit at Blanco), go north on Blanco past the Target (on your left), and make
the first left after the shopping center. That will be our development
called "The Vineyard." Turn left into the development. The gate code is
1066. If you don't know the significance of that number, you can't be in
the SCA :-). That street is called glade Crossing. Go straight until the
T-intersection, and turn right onto Surreywood. Take that about 50 yards to
another T-intersection, and turn left onto Belclaire. Go about 100 yards
and take your second left onto our street, Brookwood Forest. Go down the
hill, hit the speed bump at the little bridge (where there will be two
street lamps), and we'll be on the right about two houses past the bump.
The address is 18725 Brookwood Forest, but since the address plate is only
on the entry way, it's hard to see from the street. Instead, look for my
shield propped against a bush. 

If you come from the west, you can also access our development from Huebner
Rd. Come north of the 1604 on Huebner, and take your first available right
turn. Don't be thrown by the sign on the gate that says Napa Forest and
Sienna Wood or something like that. Use the same gate code. The street
you'll be on is called Tealwood. Follow it for about a half-mile to the
T-intersection. You'll be facing a giant rock across the street at that
point (don't ask...you'll know it when you see it). Turn left onto
Brookwood Forest, and our house will be on the left about a quarter mile
down. If you hit the speed bump, you've gone too far. Our phone number is
479-1184. Call if you have any questions. 

See you there!

Kenneth and Adelaide  

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