[Bards] Situations That Ruin Bardic Circles

Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 21:29:36 PDT 2007

  You know, I'm a story teller, not a singer or a musician. Most of my stories run over ten minutes. 
  So I guess bardic circles are out for me. See you at the Hafla!
  Might I suggest, it's not the length of the story, it's the skill of the story teller. Perhaps short pieces are better for bardic circles, but I ask you, when are the long pieces "acceptable"? The long pieces are more period for most of us, after all. A bard/skald/minstrel was supposed to be able to hold the attention of his audience for longer than ten minutes, a feat stand-up comics and story tellers seem to have no problem with in the modern world.
  Well, what the heck. To each their own, better to have short pieces and a popular bardic than a dead bardic. They can always go to the movies to see Beowulf.
> 2. Problem: Stories that are 20+ minutes long!!!! Reason: Hogging airtime.
> Solution: If you have a 20 minute story, serialize it into 10-minute
> increments and do one increment per turn. Circle leader must state a
> 10-minute (or some other agreed-upon time) rule up front, and periodically
> thereafter. 
anything over 10 minutes will kill an audience. If they don't get up 
now, they likley just wont even come back next time.

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