[Bards] Situations That Ruin Bardic Circles

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On 4/30/07, Ken Theriot <kentheriot at ravenboymusic.com> wrote:
>  <1.  Good Bards.  You can make do with OK Bards, but too many BAD Bards
> can ruin a Circle.>
> Oh, Robert.  I was going to stay away from this one, but since you bring
> it up….:)
> <Snipping of much good stuff>


     What to do with Bad Bards is a tough one for which I haven't got an
easy answer.   We all know that there are Great Bards and Good Bards as well
as Fair and Poor Bards.  And then there are really BAD "Bards".  The kind
that are just torture to listen to.
    I never have the heart to tell them that they are just terrible, but you
don't want to tell them that they are good either. or they will just keep
performing, thinking that they are doing a good thing.
    You can try to help them improve, and it often doesn't take much to
raise a BAD bard to a poor one.  But first you have to negotiate the
minefield of making them understand that they really do need to improve.
But even then you still have a poor bard to listen to, and it's not
something you can really deal with during a circle.  A good circle can
survive one bad bard, but if you get several you either put up with it , or
ask them as diplomatically as possible not to perform anymore.
     You could try and steer them away from singing, but a bad story can be
just as terrible as a bad song and much longer.  (Bad stories always seem to
be long.)
     There's no easy answer that I know.  We're there to have fun and
listening to bad bards is not fun, but neither is hurting people's
      In practice we tend to just put up with it and use the time when they
are performing to get another drink and go to the bathroom.

      It's not a problem that comes up frequently though.  I still think the
biggest challenge to having a good circle  is that too many people are day
tripping events and leaving site right after feast.  Especially when feast
runs till 11:00


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