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LOL - Nope...slowly but surely "Dolphin Boy" is going the way of the dodo.  I generally reserve it for special occasions and Loch Soilleir bardic circles (it's one of Baron William's favorites it seems).

One thing I have noticed, related to the topic in question, is that nowadays at bardic circles I get called on enough times that when it comes to my turn to "pick/pass/play", I am more likely to pick someone else to perform than perform myself, and at the end of the night I still feel like I got to perform a good amount.

As Gerald said, we are our own worst critics, but to me, part of improving my craft, is to improve my presence as a bard in various "theaters" (Local, Regional, Kingdom, Known World), mainly in the company of other bards, but also with respect to the populace at large.  Not everyone looks to the next bigger stage, and that's totally an individual's choice.  I'm very fortunate to have a bardic teacher who understands me very well, encourages and inspires me, and is a bard at the level to which I aspire.  Likewise, I hope to be a similar teacher to my own bardic student(s). :)


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Gee Alden, I thought your most common  comment was, "Hey Alden, how about "
"Dolphin Boy"?"  <g>

Yeah, I too must admit, that certainly hasen't happened to me yet.


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>Do any of you remember when you went from being, "I didn't know he was a
>bard" to "oh cool, he's going to perform!"?
>I'm still waiting for that to happen. :D  Lately it seems I get hit with, 
>"You're not going to make me cry are you?"

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