[Bards] Regarding Kingdom A&S and Eisteffod

troy whitfield swordn.song at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 6 13:26:22 PST 2007

Firstly , May this find you all in good spirits and joyous times as we prepare for Gulf War and the coming Tourney Season.
  Hmmm, Mixxing Kingdom A&S and Eisteffod was fairly thoroughly covered by Master Robin I think. But Just a thought, We the Bards, Troubadors, Gleemen, Skalds, whatever you are, seem to be a " Last Bastion " of Persona Play and actual "Recreationism" If we go to a venue that is as previously desribed " a modern science fair" we then completely lose any persona play involved, might as well wear jeans and my ball cap, I'd be as comfortable and if only judges are hearing us ......again we are being judged on technique and technical skill only. I know some folks like that but Finniccans off the cuff story of Sean might have gotten a very short shift from someone used to judging static arts ( AND DEAR MOTHER OF GOD WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN A SIN AND A CRIME). Nope , I think Eisteffod needs to be seperate from Kingdom A&S, and probably needs to find some middle ground between ......Outside where no one in the Hall is bothering us( noisewise) and Out in the cold where several folks
 complained they werent going to risk their voices , or that they got just too cold to stay out there for the latter part of the competition. I kinda figure noise is period so, to a degree, we just Deal with it. 
  May all your Peices be well received, and may your Joy never Fade,

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