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One note about a project going to Gulf War, 

Though We did get to hear a recording of HE Rhiannon singin it her work on the Antiphony not a performance entry it is in fact a static research project! I mean to tell ya it really rocks too. She had only one page of an antiphony to work from (no really... the real thing ...on Vellum written... in Iron gall ink) and presented the probable time period it was from (and the probablre time and area it was written on the page) who the authour of the lyrics was, transated it into modern notation , normalized the latin and learned to sing it!

Truely an amazing endeavor!

(who was lucky enough to be one of the judges for this peice)

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>For those who'd like to know:
>The ten entries that will represent us at Gulf Wars this spring, and the
>three alternates are, in no particular order:
>Debroa bat Yosef - Period Sheep Breeds
>Keara Ryan - 16th/c Maiolica Dish
>2 Harps and a Flute - Cantiga de Santa Maria #100
>Oriana della Francesca - Illuminated Manuscript Folio
>Katherine Rose Oliver - Lord's Feast or Peasant Supper
>Ameline DuBois - Beehive Kiln
>Mea Passavanti - 16th/c Italian Song
>Rhiannon Redwulf - Paleographic Analysis and Music Reconstruction of an
>Antiphony Page <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>Lyonette an Lyden - Artist's Proof of a Relief Printed Block Book
>Clariandra Delemere - Beowulf Calligraphy
>alternate: Mylisant de Impinton - Hairnet with Brocaded Band
>alternate: Hanna van Dahl - Card-Woven Ribbon Necklace
>alternate: Rixende de Rouen - Core Formed Vessel
>Congratulations to all who entered.  
><I'm SO proud of Mea!>
>In service to the dream with a song in my heart, I am,
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