[Bards] Beginning of a project

Charles O Floinn thorn at raf662bravo.com
Wed Feb 14 15:21:22 PST 2007

It is with great anticipation and some first-timer trepidation (and I am
sure some other "ation" will present itself as the time grows shorter) that
I begin the process of weaving a great demo-event by inviting the Bards of
Ansteorra to the Shire of Rosenfeld on the first Sunday of May to celebrate
the birthday of the SCA.  This will be our third year to present this
festivity to the City of Tyler, TX and as the new Hospitaler I find it is my
delight to organize this event.  I know that eleven weeks seems like a long
time but I believe it will fly by before I am ready for them to be gone.

Charles O Floinn
Hospitaler, Shire of Rosenfeld,
Kingdom of Ansteorra, SCA

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