[Bards] Beginning of a project

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GOOOOOD Suggestions.

Our A&S officer is planning on asking our populous to sign up for what they
will display so there will be some order to that part this year so your
suggestions will fall right in line with that.  But I will make sure I
organize the event without controlling everything about it too.

Thank you so much for your suggestions.
Charles O Floinn
Hospitaler, Shire of Rosenfeld,
Kingdom of Ansteorra, SCA

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This seems like fun. Have you thought of "persona booths" and A&S
booths? Lady Brigit had something like that and it worked very well.
We set up tables and the artisan did their thing and between them we
had people with tables on different personas.  I sat in my
somewhat "period" area and told stories about the Chivalric period.
Someone else did Early period and told Viking and Celtic tales.
Another person did late period.  We also had displays of different
table settings that might be use at a feast and other things that
SCAers have and use. People where very interest in things we had made
from mundane items. By showing simple stuff along with the complex it
gave people a concept of what they could do if they wanted to join.
It took the scare off joining. Everyone had contact info and this
allowed the new people to meet up with people they shared interest
with them. It also gave SCAers ideas as to what they could do. There
was a lot of cross learning among the Artisans. Many people do not
know what is available in their own groups.
Willow de Wisp

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