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ahh but you are a bard! Who says your not? Comedy has as much a place as does the ballad. What makes a bard is the willingness to share. That's why when I tried to make my statements I would comment "song/story". Some bards only sing, some only tell stories, and even some are instrumental. If we all did the same thing then our community would become stagnant and boring and not the vivacious and entertaining group that we are! :)

The mark of a "True bard" is within themselves wanting to entertain, so from your comments I would say you have the mark of a bard! 

I look forward to meeting you someday and sharing a bardic fire. Maybe between your and my instrumentation we can make a bardic traveling band, though I wont be bringing the reeds LOL.

  Milady Magdalia;

  I will not even presume to be called a true bard. I am a swordsman who also does Bardic, but your post has answered questions that i have wondered about i have been a Bard but for 2 years and i play 6 instruments, sing a bit, tell stories of neighboring shires and villages and do magic. Unlike yourself, mine is more a comedy act than a true bardic performance. I will take your advice to heart and hope i can win another competition such as i did late last year. Your advice is both appreciated and wise.

  In Service to the Dream and the Song, Lord Cormac of the House of Starwalker

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