[Bards] Performing in court

masterdarius at earthlink.net masterdarius at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 22 10:40:42 PST 2007

I agree with most everythiong that has been said, of course being a long winded bard like Finnacan I have to add my two bits as well! (see a joke an My own expense blamed on Finnacan.. it works)

Be picky about the peices you preform, A short story with a quick one liner punchline is much better than a 30 minute dirge at this point.  Tragedies and trear jerkers right before court are usually poor choices.. nothing makes a court longer than being depressed right before it. I like Patriotic peices ofr up beat fun stories and songs right before court. if your the title bard of a group it's a great intro for doing a peice about the group you are champin of. 


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