[Bards] Performing in court

Kathy Elliott bardkat at houston.rr.com
Sun Feb 25 18:40:50 PST 2007

Wow, I go out of town for a few days, and the list explodes.  (Leave it to a
bunch of bards to be longwinded!)

I agree with pretty much everything that has been posted, but would also
like to add that, for songs at least, if there is another bard present (that
you know won't object), two can often be better than one.  Simple songs like
"All Around My Hat"  go from plain to crowd-pleasing when played off each
other, and Ansteorran anthems are much more inspirational when additional
voices join in the chorus.

Under the right circumstances, you can also use this time to introduce a new
bard to the baron/baroness/crown.  When you finish your performance, it is a
simple thing to inform their excellencies/majesties that you know of a very
talented lord/lady who is gracing their hall.  Just be careful with this -
you need to make sure the audience is in a listening mood, and be sure
there's enough time before court starts, and you don't want to put someone
on the spot unless you know they're ready ... but it's lots of fun to "show
off" new talent.  (Right, Gerald & Mea?) :-)


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