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No.  But that's a GREAT idea.  Alden? . . .Kat?

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Hi Ihon.

Did you ask Alden or Kat to forward this to the Pennsic Bardic List?  - 

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>Greetings all
>Below is an email I've sent to all the KW A&S Ministers, hopefully to be
>forwarded to their bard's list. (I'm hoping they're all list members).
>no one can blame me if I just happen to be the first to forward it and you
>just happen to be the first to get it, can they?
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>Subject: Bardic and Performance at Gulf Wars
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>To the Ministers of Arts & Sciences throughout the Know World
>>From Ihon Vinson macFergus, OL, Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences for 
>Bardic and Performance, Ansteorra
>Grace to you and peace
>I hope to schedule a day of performance at Gulf Wars to coincide with an
>A&S Faire hosted by Meridies & Gleann Abhann.  Below, is a missive about 
>that endeavor as well as other performance opportunities during the week.
>Would you please forward this to any of your kingdom lists where it might
>find those interested in participating?  Your help is greatly appreciated. 
>Greetings and felicitations to the Know World Bards, Minstrels,
>Jongleurs and Performers of any ilk from Ihon Vinson macFergus, who braves
>count himself one of your company. 
>Gulf Wars is but three weeks hence.  Much to the dismay of some,
>has no formal competition or scheduled meet during the week.  I write to
>inform you of two standing opportunities (in addition to impromptu fire 
>walks and circle) and especially to invite you to participate in a new
>Last year, the Green Dragon Tavern sought musicians to play for the evening
>revels Tuesday through Saturday evenings.  I *assume* the Dragon will 
>that opportunity this year though I have seen no solicitation.  In
>on Thursday evening, HL Gerald of Leesville and Lord Madog of Gastonbury
>have hosted a Bards and Brew at the Ansteorran Royal Pavilion.  His 
>assures me at the very least the Bardic will take place
>I invite you to perform  at the Open A&S Faire, Thursday, at Bede Hall,
>10:00 am - 4:00 pm, hosted by Meridies & Gleann Abhann and offer to set up,

>publish and advertise a schedule of performances.  If you are interested,
>please contact me at jhirling at gmail.com with
>your persona name,
>the type and name of piece, and 
>and the time you need.
>If you have a preference on when you would like to perform, I will try, but
>cannot promise, to honor your request.  I recommend limiting any one piece
>to 10 minutes or less.  If you desire to perform more than one piece, I
>try to accommodate that as time permits.
>My hope is that we can fill the air with song, verse, and other performance

>to liven the spirits of all.
>Yours in service,
>Ihon Vinson macFergus, OL
>Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences for Bardic and Performance, Ansteorra

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