[Bards] Exactly what Eisteddfod Means

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Sun Jan 7 20:53:27 PST 2007

To those honored Folk of the List
  Greetings and salutations,
      May this find you as Awestruck as I am.
  I rode with 2 dear freinds to compete in my first  Eisteddfod this week end and was told as a bit of minor humour, and period trivia, that the ancient Welsh Eisteddfod winners were given an ornate chair.
  Freinds , Family, Bards , Troubadors , Gleemen, Skalds, whatever you name yourself in practicing this grand entertaining art that we share , I will tell you that my first Eisteddfod was utterly amazing. HL Gerald has spoken of the rounds and the gentle and wonderful pavillion provided as well as Lady Melody's excellent Hospitality Pavillion, so I will not go into that except to offer a Heartfelt thanks for all the work that went into both Pavillions.
  What I will tell you is that in no uncertain terms , I pity those that Circumstance prevented from attending. The Level of Performances was beyond anything I have ever expirienced.The competition brought out the best in us all ( there were , If I remember correctly 15 competitors, 14 Demigods and me). What was NOT brought out was the coolness and distance of competition, the secret hope that some one was going to fall on their face . The Performers there were the first to show their Joy or sorrow, and to applaude the excellence shown by the others there.
  I have now seen a Duchess sing a drinking song that left us all in stitches, a Baroness become an utterly believable country serving wench, and been dragged up and down the emotional scale 20 times in the space of 6 hours. If I never attend another Bardic moment in my life, I will still have the best of memories to cherish. Many of the things that I heard simply are blended together in an amazing feeling of incredibility ( I wonder is that a word?).
   There are a few memories that are clearer though Kat singing so beautifully and soulfully in french , Svan, reciting the Dragons Gold , ( A Poem by the Late Master Ragnar), the wonderful homey tone of HE Rhiannons serving girl tale, and so much more.
  Truthfully I could go on most of the night about all the wonderful things that were done, but what I really need to say is THANK YOU because without the Performers , many of whom are on this list , I could never have had this heart warming expirience.
  May God Bless and Keep each of you till next we meet.
  Wulf the Pilgrim   

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