[Bards] Coronation regrets

Scott Barrett barrett1 at cox.net
Thu Jan 11 22:41:21 PST 2007

Just a quick heads up.

A few of you were expecting my lady and I at Coronation. Despite plans 
to attend in earnest, reason has triumphed in light of the oncoming 
weather here in Oklahoma. I will not risk travel with my lady under the 
forecast conditions.

The route to Coronation from Oklahoma City is the I-44 corridor. This 
area is forecast receive light to moderate rain tomorrow with some 
freezing rain probable. We would no doubt arrive safely in Burkburnett, 
TX under those conditions.
Saturday the freezing rain is forecast to continue throughout the day 
all along the I-44 corridor, and worsen in the late afternoon/early 
evening. 1 inch - 1 1/2 inches of ice accumulation is expected, as well 
as power outages and road closures.

I can't afford to be trapped in North Texas for a few days. I also have 
no faith in the competence of my fellow motorists in weather like that. 
I've decided it's better to have folks irritated at my caution rather 
than horrified at my misfortune.
Besides, there's only one lady like mine, and I ain't riskin' her.
If it turns out to be a chilly rain and nothing more, I'll stand by my 
decision regardless.
I'd hoped to perform "Anthem of the Arms" at Coronation, as well as 
provide the lyrics and tune.
I will share that with the Kingdom throughout the year wherever it is 
I also regret that I shall not hear Eleanor's last piece for their 
Majesties Aaron and Britta.
I have communicated my apologies and regards to both Their Majesties 
and Their Highnesses, and I apologize to you that the title will not be 
represented at that event.
Those that recall my last tenure will know it is highly unusual for me 
to cancel such a trip. It is not a habit, I assure you.

  I'll be available for insult and disdain at future events around the 
Kingdom. In the meantime, I'll just hunker down and hope the power 
stays on.


"I never wanna know a day that's over 40 degrees! I'd rather have it 
30, 20, 10, 5 and let it freeze!"
-Snowmiser. "The Year Without a Santa Claus", 1974

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