[Bards] Bardic at Skorragardr's Axeman

Katherine of Scarborough katofscarborough at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 30 22:10:47 PST 2007

Good Gentles of Ansteorra,

It is my pleasure to invite you to a bardic
EXTRAVAGANZA, to be held on Saturday night at
Skorragardr's Axeman Tourney (February 16-18 in Pink,
OK - for more information please visit
http://skorragardr.ansteorra.org/axeman.htm).  The
highlight of the evening will be a competition to
determine the next Titled Bard for the Canton of

The first round of said competition will be
performer's choice.  The second round, in a nod to
certain time-honored bardic traditions, will consist
of, well--extravagance.  Please come and regale us
with your tall tales; your wondrous fables and songs,
larger than life; your recountings of some exploit,
long lost in the mists of antiquity, whose finer
details may have become just eeever-so-slightly
exaggerated over the years.  In a word, embellish!

To you who would laugh in the face of that cruel
Northern winter, come and be welcome.  Join us, and
help to warm the air with the strains of your
fellowship and the magic of your craft.

In service and song, I remain,

Lady Catrin ferch Maelgwn
Bard of Skorragardr

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