[Bards] Report on Eisteddfod AS XLI

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Sun Jan 7 17:31:01 PST 2007

>Oh!  The winner?  I had to leave before the winner was announced, but a
>reliable source reports that our new Kingdom Bard of Ansteorra is none other
>than Finnaican.  In her words before closing the competition, HL Eleanor
>told the gathered crowd that the level of performance was such that had
>their been a way to parcel the Cloak of State into fifteen pieces she would
>not have had a second thought of handing each contestant a piece.  I can
>heartily agree.

I must insert here, that Finnaican gave one of the best performences 
I have ever seen.  His song in the first round, Ring the Bells (one 
of his own), brought tears to more than a few eyes.  His, composed in 
five minutes, story of an "impossible task" was absolutely inspired 
(and I hope you will perform it again often, my friend).  His final 
piece, also of his own composition was the type of song that makes 
one want to get in armor and fight beside our fellow warriors here in 
Ansteorra.  I have to say that Finnaican earned the honor he now carries.

Vivat my Lord,
with all my heart

>My hope?  That this will be our future.  That Eisteddfod will only grow
>(Maybe have two big tents), and that more of Ansteorra's finest performers
>will be inspired to join in the competition and fun.

I will second that.  Let's continue as we have begun.

Yours in Service and Song
Maggie MacPherson
Elfsea Bard 

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