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And if you send it to me, I can a) put it up on the bardic website and b) put it in the Voices of the Star II (if you also send me a permission letter to publish it).

Regards and congratulations!

(pronounced: Here, Alden, have my wallet and car keys.)  :)

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Finnacan wrote:

> "Bells" is the only song I've ever written both the tune and the lyrics 
> for. I've had a few requests for the words, but as the tune is original 
> and I can't write musical notation, recordings or memorization is my 
> best bet for sharing it.

If you are willing, I can do the notation.

> ~HL Finnacan Dub (pronounced Finnegan Duff)

Master Ulf (pronounced Ulf.  Those Irish were a creative people, even
with spelling.)

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