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I would recommend *not* making the documentation as short as possible.  Make it be as long as it needs to be to show the judges you know the material and the background behind it.  Then, for brevity sake, include either a one-page or half-page summary of that documentation, so the judges have a "Documentation at a Glance".

Also, the closer your sources are to the primary source (the genuine article), the better. 


PS - I'm in the process of adding a fourth page of documentation for a 16-line poem.
PPS - No, I'm not competing in Kingdom A&S this year.

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Hello all,

I am compiling my documentation for Kingdom A&S and would like any 
pointers anyone can give me on it.

Lets assume I have proof that what I am doing is period, from a 
barely post period book.
I have done some translation and am using someone else's translation as well.
I want to make the documentation as short as possible.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Elfsea Bard

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