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At 09:50 PM 6/3/2007, you wrote:
>Nothing like that.
>Double Sigh.
>Gerald of Leesville <gerald.of.leesville at gmail.com> wrote:
>A while back, Alden asked how things went at Steppes Warlord in the 
>bardic arena?  Just wandered if anyone was going to respond or 
>not.   Not that I'm waiting.  Not that we'd want to know what we 
>missed.  No.  Nothing like that.

Sorry, I was hoping someone else, who had not been as distracted as I 
was would respond.

The bardic competition was in two rounds.  One in the hall during the 
day.  The performers were on the stage.  It was a great venue for 
spoken word, but I really strained my voice singing.  A few 
highlights, what I saw, HL Elanore did a great spoken piece about 
horses, Yagyu was all over the stage with a Japanese tale, there was 
an Irish tale and several Norse tales as well.  I wish I could have 
focused more, I was late arriving because I was fighting, and then 
was called away to help escort Sior Tomas into the final round of the 
Warlord tourney.

The final round was after court at the Baronial Pavilion.  I am now 
spacing on the name of one finalist, and who the other was, but Yagyu 
won the competition with a rousing rendition of Tiggy's poem about 
becoming a Warlord.

A wonderful competition over all.

Please, someone fill in my blanks.  I really am quite embarrassed 
that I can't tell a better tale.

Maggie MacPherson
Glaslyn's Bardic Defender
Northkeep Bard

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