[Bards] Song Books

Cynthia Rogers wolfpaws at mac.com
Tue Jun 5 11:36:26 PDT 2007

If the original author still holds the copyright, it is pretty simple  
to get their okay. (And most SCA folk are very obliging about giving  
permission. Ulf for example gave me permission to reproduce his  
round, "Hey Jack.")  But it's still courteous, (and legally  
necessary) to obtain permission.

My sense is that record companies freak out if you are deriving  
income in any way from a recording, but are less freaked about little  
songbooks that nobody gets money from, that don't include the music.  
(Which describes the redwulf songbook.)

I might add that if one wanted to post a private site that was  
password protected that had a recording on it, that might be a way to  
let friends hear a piece.  Llyw, Toinette and I have a private  
website with some performances of pieces that might be construed to  
be copyrighted, but it is only for demonstration purposes, and we  
don't give out the password.


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