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To the best of my knowledge, "vivat" is incorrect.  Vivo, vivere, vixi, victum (live) looks to me like a third conjugation verb, with the present stem vive-.  So "he/she/it lives" would be vivet, not vivat.  Were that we were shouting "Vivet!", as "It lives", it could be in reference to "The dream of the SCA", which I find rather fitting, as anyone getting an award, or otherwise recognized or honored, is generally doing so for living the dream, and so we recognize the dream lives in that person.


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Thank you for that bit of history.
I know that, "Vivat Rex,"  means "The King lives."
Kind of a version of "Long live the king," I suppose.  But I had no  
idea where it came from.

And indeed, saying it the way we do, to mean Yippee, is a little odd,  
since yelling, "Vivat" means, "He lives!" :-)

I have to admit, I've no idea what people in crowds yelled in the  
Middle Ages, but it would make a good topic for a class wouldn't it?

Very best,

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> Do you know why we shout vivat not Hooray?
> First place as far as I can tell clapping is modern but I really
> can't find any proof.
> In the Days of Principality we shouted Hooray. We we became a Kingdom
> a paper was written out of kingsom and was passed around the Heralds
> office. It said "Hooray" was used to glorified the death of Jews.
> Mistress Aurlien the Star Principal Herald  thought this was wrong
> and suggested to the new King Jonathan and his Queen, Willow that we
> should go with "Vivat" instead. It seemed right so we did. Some time
> later I was told that the paper had been debunked, but vivat was the
> habit now and as one seemed as good as another we didn't change.
> Willow de Wisp
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