[Bards] Ansteorran History and trival

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Mon Jun 11 19:39:00 PDT 2007

At 05:35 PM 6/11/2007, you wrote:
>Thank you for that bit of history.
>I know that, "Vivat Rex,"  means "The King lives."
>Kind of a version of "Long live the king," I suppose.  But I had no
>idea where it came from.
>And indeed, saying it the way we do, to mean Yippee, is a little odd,
>since yelling, "Vivat" means, "He lives!" :-)
>I have to admit, I've no idea what people in crowds yelled in the
>Middle Ages, but it would make a good topic for a class wouldn't it?
>Very best,

In the East kingdom, they shout....

Herald: Hip Hip
Populace:  Huzzah!!

It really threw me off the first few times I heard it.

Every kingdom has a slightly different tradition.

Who's explored five so far. 

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