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Tue Jun 12 15:34:02 PDT 2007

  I was actually going to post something about this yesterday, but decided
not to.  Thanks for calling me out Alden :-P.  Yes, Ulsted & Ebe will be
using "Long live the Queen/King/Ansteorra."  This means that during their
reign, if you are acting as court herald, please close court this way.  If
you forget, no big, I'll be doing every court for U&E except for two (or
that's the plan at least).  I don't know what we will do at Queen's since it
will be German (How does Heil Ansteorra sound?).


On 6/12/07, Alden Drake <alden_drake at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> That reminds me....I think during Ulstead/Cateau I & II, they preferred
> the use of "Long Live the King/Queen" instead of "Vivat Rex/Regina".
> Their Golden Staff (Brian O'hUilliam) might want to check on if TRHs
> Ulstead III & Ebergardis wish to use that preference during their reign
> as well, and relate that info to the heralds' list.
> Alden
> Jay Rudin wrote:
> > As a voice herald, if I were to try to correct any specific court
> > usage in Ansteorra, it would be to get rid of the
> > occasionally-heard two-language form "Vivat King!  Vivat Queen!"
> > Nobody in period, or even in England today, would ever say that.  It's
> > just an illiterate mistake, which says, in effect, "This isn't real.
> > We're re-enacting something we do not understand".  (And, no, I don't
> > always follow the heralds's lead.  When a herald says "Vivat King," I
> > echo, "Vivat Rex!")
> >
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