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For what it is worth, this is the tradition in An Tir and in Caid as well. The thrones represent the idea of the King and Queen, and it is the idea that people who sit there embody.
  I always liked that inside the crowns of Caid, where only those who handle and wear them can really see it, it says, "You rule, because they believe", or words to that effect.

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  I came across this and thought you all might find it interesting. Do 
any of you have Yang tape with the song on it . Mine died.

Bowing to the Empty Thrones
“When did we start bowing to the royal presence in the form of the 
empty thrones? Why?” 

“My earliest recollection of saluting the empty thrones was during 
one of Henrik's early reigns (the third or fourth) when he preferred 
to be riding a horse to sitting on the throne. When the fighters 
complained that it was hard to locate him to salute at the beginning 
of each fight, he placed the crown on the throne and told them to 
salute that ... he was going riding. The populace semi-mockingly got 
into the spirit of the ruse - bowing/curtseying if they happened to 
pass in front of "The Royal Presence". The fiction was so useful that 
it quickly became custom then formally part of the pre-combat litany 
shortly thereafter.” – Kevin Peregrynne 

“Of course, there is also a Horde song called "The Empty Throne" as 
I'm sure you are aware. But your original question was "bowing to the 
royal presence" (ie the throne, when passing in front of the royal 
pavilion, whether or not saluting prior to a fight) as opposed to 
saluting per se. I think that started to happen almost as soon as we 
had Kings on the thrones; I'm pretty sure it was institutionalized by 
about AS III.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit 

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