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Hey, I like this.  How terribly period to have a tradition based on a now forgotten event.  This actually works better for me than "bowing to the embodiment of the royal pesence" in the form of an empty throne. <g>  -- Melody> From: willowjonbardc at juno.com> Subject: [Bards] bowing to the thrones<snip> Bowing to the Empty Thrones> “When did we start bowing to the royal presence in the form of the > empty thrones? Why?” > > “My earliest recollection of saluting the empty thrones was during > one of Henrik's early reigns (the third or fourth) when he preferred > to be riding a horse to sitting on the throne. When the fighters > complained that it was hard to locate him to salute at the beginning > of each fight, he placed the crown on the throne and told them to > salute that ... he was going riding. The populace semi-mockingly got > into the spirit of the ruse - bowing/curtseying if they happened to > pass in front of "The Royal Presence". The fiction was so useful that > it quickly became custom then formally part of the pre-combat litany > shortly thereafter.” – Kevin Peregrynne 
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