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Tue Jun 5 22:08:44 PDT 2007

At 11:31 PM 6/5/2007, you wrote:
>There are some serious copyright problems with 
>this book, and any reproduction and/or 
>distribution of it is not legal.  I actually 
>administer at least one copyright in this 
>collection (Burden of the Crown
Raven Boy Music 
>is the publisher), and was never asked for 
>permission to print the lyrics.  I don’t know 
>what version of the recording was used on these 
>tapes, but if it is Baldwin’s from his CD 
>“Welcome to the Current Middle Ages,” then that 
>is an additional violation since we were not 
>asked permission.  Now I’m certainly not saying 
>that I wouldn’t grant permission.  But nobody 
>has even asked.  I can’t say for sure whether 
>permission was granted for the Archie Fisher and 
>Stan Rogers songs and other songs under active 
>copyright (Mercedes Lackey, Silly Wizard, 
>etc.).  But if not, those are further 
>violations.  Are you in violation if you 
>download this book?  Probably not.  But if you 
>make copies and give them away (yes, even if it 
>is NOT for profit), then you have crossed the 
>line.  The administrators of this site are most 
>certainly in violation of copyright law, as are 
>the people who made and distributed the tapes.

No, Baroness Maggie sang every song on all four 
tapes.  They are not taken from anyone else's recordings at all.

She just sang them into a mike and recorded them onto tapes.

This happened in the '80's or early '90's and I 
just heard about them recently and found a local copy.

>Before we advertise and distribute this book, 
>much work needs to be done to make it legal.

That's why I have started this 
conversation.  Please don't think that I have 
already gotten this done and am ready to pass 
them out.  I am starting the process of deciding 
if I even want to do it.  Many of these songs are 
already available in midi format on folk sites online.

Please, don't assume that I don't know right from 
wrong.  I am just asking if there is any 
interest.  I don't want to go to the hours of 
time and effort required to get permission if no one will want them.

Who hopes that came over in the plaintative and calm voice it was intended to. 
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