[Bards] What is a bard?

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 12 07:49:22 PDT 2007

What is a bard?  This question has been asked before, and back then, as 
now, there are as many different answers as there are people on this 
list.  Are we talking about the historical definition of bard?  Are we 
talking about the SCA subset of performing artists?  I don't think many 
performers in period would call themselves a bard any more than a knight 
or man-at-arms would call themselves a "chiv fighter", but in our 
society it is a label by which people can relate to us.  As far as my 
persona goes, I tell people that Alden Drake is an Elizabethan courtier 
poet, though I suspect others probably think of me more as a singer.  I 
also try to compose songs (probably the hardest thing I do in 
bardcraft), and I will occasionally try my hand/voice at other bardic 


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