[Bards] "Vivat Ghastly Malapropism!"

Cynthia Rogers wolfpaws at mac.com
Wed Jun 13 07:02:04 PDT 2007

Hmm. I'm commenting on my own comments. That shows how disoriented my  
wits are from studying so hard...

"Vivat rex" isn't really a sentence though is it?  It's more like a  
catch phrase. Something people say without thinking too much about  
it. Like, "goodbye,"  which we don't think about as meaning, "God be  
with ye."

So, the argument in that case would be... whatever people said in the  
correct context, is what they said. Probably without thinking much  
about the words. One says those words because they are the  
appropriate thing to say at that moment. (Which is very much how we  
use the phrase in the SCA, where everyone in Ansteorra knows WHEN to  
say it, but perhaps not what it means.

Off to class to take my daily drubbing in Latin,

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