[Bards] A mildly amusing thought on bowing courtesies.

Cynthia Rogers wolfpaws at mac.com
Wed Jun 27 04:10:51 PDT 2007


That is an amusing comparison. One wonders if the military custom has  
its lineage in the same customs that cause us to bow?  The lady who  
mentioned bowing in church is certainly describing another remnant  
from the middle ages.

The frequency of saluting that you mention does kind of point up that  
they probably had some conventions for "not bowing" in the Middle  
Ages as well, for the people who were in service to the upper  
echelons and who were continuously coming in and out of the presence  
of a noble.  Your words make me think of a lot of bobbing trays with  
food on them, hounds snatching things off lowered trays, servants  
having to kick hounds sideways while still bowing, etc.

I'm sure their is some book on the subject of Medieval courtesy  
customs. (Doubtless it is in German.  The Germans write about  


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