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Good eve all!

I know some of you might be interested in this. Would someone mind posting
to the bards list?

My thanks

HE Katheryn

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   Just a quick reminder--
Saturday, September 8 from 12-6
we celebrate 19 years in business.

The tent will be up, the musicians will
be ready to play--Harold Strand and
Alan Beck on accordions, Greg Breiland on
Hardanger fiddle and Thomas on guitar.
The Norwegian dancers will perform
and hopefully our Vikings will come.
Two trolls said they were stopping in
to hand out Troll House cookies.
Of course, there will be complimentary

We still need singers and story tellers or
anything you can think of to share our
culture and yet be entertaining.  If you have
something you would like to sell, please
call me, bring your table and sell.

It should be a fun day but I still need the
help from our Scandinavian community
to come and assist.

Thanks for your time--See you Saturday.

Gwen Workman
1617 K Avenue
Plano, TX 75074 USA
twonordic at aol.com

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