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Just in case anyone may still be interested in the "bowed psaltery" --
howzabout the pre-1600 variation (Mstr. Robin, I don't recall -- did
yours have the arched bridge or a flat bridge?)
Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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Greetings All,

Yes, the instrument I was playing is called a bowed psaltery.
I got in from Unicorn Strings:
http://unicornstrin <http://unicornstrings.com/> gs.com/

According to further research I and others have done, it is not in fact
bowed psaltery, which was 'invented' in the 1930's, and has an arched
like a violin, but a bowed zither.
As such it is a period instrument, played with one bow, it is played in
period manner.

I'm sure, if they could have figured out how to hold the instrument,
would have played with 2 bows.

I am planning to be at Fox Hunt again this year, and I will have my
'psaltery' with me.
If you would like to have a lesson on how to play, just ask.

Kyla Pennywarden
Ravenslake, Midlands,
Middle Kingdom

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Hello everyone,

Last event in Foxvale I saw a gentle play an instrument with two
little bow like sticks. Looked like a dulcimer was but was not. She
told me what it was but I forgot what she called it. I would like to

She said it is very easy to play. I would like this gentle to get in
touch with me and give me some info on it and a possible website.


Lady Eleanor (smile)


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