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     Ester (Emma?),
     What a great topic! I can't wait to see what others recommend. (I am already going to have to go look for Golden Bough.... I haven't run across them yet.)
    There are SO many I could recommend, but I will stick to just a few...
     Though Queen's Gambit is not an SCA oriented group, per se, a lot of their music certainly fits. Two of my favorites of theirs are:
     Pawn to King Four (which includes "Threes", my favorite Leslie Fish song...)
     En Passant (which features more traditional Irish music)
     Another great group (with a silly name) is Burlap Lute, which put together a GREAT CD:
     Roger Landes has put together a couple of wonderful CDs, as well: Janissary Stomp and Dragon Reels. (He has a third out too, House to House, but I have not heard it yet). You can find ordering info for all his CDs at http://www.rogerlandes.com/recordings.html
     And last but not least, a CD from a personal hero of mine, Frank Blair. Evergreen is one of the most listened-to CDs that I own:
     As far as other groups go: Blind Old Dogs, Dervish, and Planxty are all worth a listen... Blackmore's Night too (for more of a mainstreamed feeling).
     Hope some of these are to your liking. Let me know what you think, if you get the chance to check some of them out.
     Milo Le Roux


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Hi, everyone!

I'd like to get recommendations from everyone, about CDs, SCA, period, filk, folk, that you would recommend, and how to get them, if you know.

I'll start with some obvious suspects:

Heather Dale, Call the Names
Serious Steel, Joe Bethancourt, Leslie Fish

For not SCA specific or period specific, but certainly worth knowing for a rollicing open bardic, drive time, and general happiness:

Golden Bough
Silly Wizard
Steeleye Span
Stan Rogers

Esther, who is rapidly turning into Emma


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