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In my home kingdom of Ealdormere Heather Dale did a live recording of a
bardic session entitled "The Bardic Kitchen Party", as performed by The
Ealdormere Bardic College (http://www.amphismusic.com/bards/ and
http://bards.ca).  It was a fantastic compilation of music, poetry, song,
and story recorded in an impromptu and open setting.  When listened one is
transported to a real Ealdormerean bardic circle.  She managed to capture
the pure essence of the bardic circle; the energy, the excitement, and the
camaraderie, on two CDs.


Also, when she had more time, Heather Dale had a record label called
Amphisbaena Music.  She had to shut it down because of an ever increasing
demand from her tour schedule, but showcased many of the SCA's most talented
musicians (technically the label is still active, but currently features
only her).


To support the victims of hurricane Katrina the Renaissance Festival music
podcast in combination with Modern Bard created a compilation CD called the
Circle.  It was a collection of 22 songs from across the Renaissance
Festival world.  http://cdbaby.com/cd/rfpmb/from/celtic/


Then, of course, there is the SCA dance and music archive
(http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/~praetzel/sca-music.html), another proud product of
the Empire of Ealdormere, uh, I mean kingdom.  The dance and music archive
has been populated by dozens of redactionists and historians from throughout
the SCA.  Eric sells CDs that compile the various dance tunes found on the
website.  One will find the CDs in every kingdom as a source of band in the
box music for dance practices.


Will Meriic



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Good idea! I think something similar has been bashed around before, but
can't remember...?

And I want to add Wicked Tinkers, for listening. I'm trying to put together
a list of CDs for listening, and also for getting singers material to listen
to for the whole spectrum of bardic.

I think An Tir put a CD together a while ago, does anyone know about that?

I really need to pull my socks up, and drag out that Google search I did....
Isn't there something out there called the SCA Bardic Sampler that has some
crackerjack stuff on it?

Esther... er, Emma, I think, maybe?

John Gillin <bonz6x at yahoo.com> wrote:

Greeting Bards! 

Baron Wylfred of MorganVayle here... I like this subject/thread LOL!

Somein Ansteorra) may know, and most may not but, somehow, with luck and a
very sparse field of contestant... I won a Masque Laureate competition many
years ago in Trimaris (where I USED to live) and so as a result was inducted
into the Order of the Bards Laureate Trimaris.


There are so many GREAT period style, or based upon period styles and
cultural, ethnic... etc bands out there... I love the stuff myself. (even
though I am an old rocker, LoL)


ANYWAYS... Individuals in Trimaris, banded together and produced several
CD's of period style or SCA period style/culture and called these the VIVAT
series... Vivat I and II have been produced and distributed for quite some
time... Vivat III has been in the works for a couple years now... I am not
sure why, but production and completion of this CD stalled... not sure when
it is going to be released. I recorded a tune for Vivat III... maybe one day
it will be released for public consumption, who knows. It is SCA time in
play here.... and we all know what that means, LOL!


ANYWAYZ... The Ansteorran Bardic Community might want to consider doing
something similar... Gathering up the Bards of Ansteorra, putting together
original period style and SCA style/culture tunes... and making a CD for
distribution... ??????


I am game to play!... And I can help out with recording any people who live
within a reasonable distance of Friendship Ranch, here in North Texas.
(Gainesville TX). 


Does this silly idea sound interesting to any of you cwazy people out


OH... I add Wolfstone and Clan na'Gael (now called Seven Nations) to the
list of good music...


best regards


(aka Johnny Mutt - The Euro-Mutts)

www.myspace.com/thecelticeuromutts  for a listen to some samples of my


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