[Bards] CWAZY idea??? (is still Re: CDs)

Genie Barrett ladymaggie at justinanimator.com
Sun Sep 16 18:25:21 PDT 2007

At 12:12 AM 9/16/2007, you wrote:
>How do I get a copy of that?
>Last night, we had a bardic at Steppes Populace, and Lady Susan 
>sang, and oh MAN does she have pipes, and skill to go with the 
>talent!!! She is anxious to learn songs of Ansteorra, though let me 
>tell you, we did NOT turn our noses up at her Gershwin!!! Or her 
>almost period English folk song -- yow!!!
>Anyway, I would love to get a copy of this tape for her, and for 
>myself, who would like to learn to sing at least one song passably 
>that wasn't first sung by Johnny Horton.

Well, the hubby is currently cleaning the hiss out of them and then 
we'll probably put them on CD.  I have recently received blanket 
copyright from HE Maggie's "estate" (for lack of a better word) and 
so we will be working on them in the next month or so and will get 
back to you on that.


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