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Esther reese_esther at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 14:23:47 PDT 2007

For what it's worth, as I don't believe I've had the honor and pleasure of meeting you either, Brian, I will vouch for Elanor, as just Elanor, and as a Ladyship, and former Bard of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
  Honorable, gracious, fun, and wickedly talented.
  Esther, rapidly becoming Emma

Beth Wolff <wolffsrun at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  Firstly, for the record, among my friends I am just Elanor. Please be free to call me such.:)
  I am sorrowed to come to believe that perhaps we either have never met face to face, or we have not spent much time in converse. However, to lay your concerns to rest.....
  I would never compete for a Titled position that I did not believe I could do justice and proper service to. However, I do admire you for wanting just such a Bard to follow in your place. I too, have asked that self same question of bards competing for my Titles in the past. If you feel you need veification of my intentions, please feel free to contact my Laurel, Master Ulf Gunnarson in Namron, or HL Antigonus Bearbait(Tiggy), in the same Barony. They will vouch for my abilities and my dedication to the job at hand.
  I havr recently moved from the glorious Barony of Elfsea {Arlington} to the radiant Barony of Bjornsburg {San Antonio} and am trying to get to know my southerly brothers and sisters better. I am pleased to finally be able to get to a Seawinds event, I have wished to for some time, but money and work schedule have thus thwarted me. As I am now a student again, I will have more time. As for money.......I'm sure you know how that tune plays. :)
  If you have any other concerns, I will gladly give you time at the event or, if you like you may contact me privately. I 'm pleased to see that Seawinds honor is in just and capable hands.
  Until we meet I have the honor to be,
  Your most humble servant,
  Elanor O' Ruark

Brian O'hUilliam <brianoftheloch at gmail.com> wrote:
  Your Ladyship,
   I see no justification for me not allowing you to compete.  However, I ask that before you compete, you give careful consideration to whether or not you can in fact serve the southernmost group in the Kingdom.  You say you are transplanted-to where?  Also, I would like to address a concern with you at the event, if you are able to make it.


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