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Hello,  You touched a deep love here....

According to Curt Sachs' "The History of Musical Instruments",  there 
are struck zithers that date to 200 BC and before.  These are from 
China and other Eastern countries.  There are also Dulcimers and 
Psalteries that are also period, but they are struck (with hammer 
like instruments) and plucked respectively.  I could not find any 
indication of bowed zithers before those mentioned by Master Robin.

Thanks for the chance to do a bit of reading...  Found some fun stuff.


>I have found instruments called "bowed zithers" that look like 
>psalteries, but none made before 1930.
>Every music expert I showed my Unicorn Strings bowed psaltery to 
>said the same thing -- it's a modern instrument.
>As I said, I'm no expert and will bow to any clear research, but 
>until somebody shows evidence of a bowed fretless instrument 
>stringed like a keyboard before 1601, all indications are that no 
>such instrument existed.
>Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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