[Bards] Bardic Competition at Siege The Day

Jed Tressler jed.tressler at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 13:25:00 PDT 2008

Greetings one and all!

I am writing to inform all the good performers of the land that there
will be a most challenging, and rewarding, competition at the
Shadowlands event, Siege the Day on April 12th.

Anyone wishing to compete is welcome.  Competitors should come
prepared to entertain a mixed audience in an informal setting.

Competition Guidelines,

1.  If you wish to compete, sign up when you arrive on site.
2.  You may perform at any time during the event.
3.  You may perform any genre of performing art, be it singing,
storytelling, dance, or instrument.
4.  You may perform as often as you desire, there is no limit or
requirement on number of pieces
5.  Period pieces are preferred, but so long as the presented piece
maintains the atmosphere or feel of the event its all cool.  No
documentation required.
6.  Contest will be judged either by popular vote or secret committee,
depending on attendance.

The only real Rule is;
6.  You may not call for attention or quiet prior to your performance,
i.e. no "Attention everyone, I am about to sing" or the like.  The
piece itself may contain intro or pre-amble that helps to draw
attention ('Gather round and hear my tale' sort of thing) if it
doesn't detract from the overall quality of performance.

Any questions, please e-mail myself, or visit our event advertisement
in the Black Star, online at www.shadowlands.ansteorra.org, or an
event flyer in a privy near you.

Bastian Eisengart,

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