[Bards] Dream? What Dream? Did you see a Dream? I know I didn't!

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Fri Apr 18 16:40:18 PDT 2008

I have been quiet long enough, my friends.  My lips can no longer conceal my frustrations.  It
   seems that, since our 2 yr break a while back, I haven't been able to adjust to this 'new 
  dream' that's been going around.  I know I haven’t been quite so active lately but I have been 
  keeping myself informed and it seems that things have even managed to get worse in the 
  past few years.  Thoughts, growls, or questions?
  What Dream Is This?                                    O4/08 – Xue XianXian
  What Dream is this that fades to black and dampens out the light
   of the Sable Star which lit our way when darkness gave to plight?
  The voices of the populace turn inward after years
   of petty spats and politics and poorly guided fears.
  The golden leaves have fallen and the lions have no bite
   and the seabirds have no songs to sing and so have taken flight.
  Our black star tarnishes the gold that we have sought, it seems, 
   so, what voices then, are left to fight this battle for the Dream?
  What Dream is this that looks away and shudders at the sight
   of the Courtesy  that showed us how to treat our fellows right?
  With bickering, betrayal, and distrust that has no end;
   it awes me so that we still dare to call each other friend.
  Though some do not!  They war and rend this kingdom in their wake
   while the enemy they SHOULD turn on is one they helped to make.
  Our differences are many but there is still yet time to see
   that through Love and Trust and Unity, a Kingdom we could be.
  What Dream is this that blocks the road and covers up the way
   of the Chivalrous who set our path when turmoil ruled the day?
  Both fools and knaves now wear the guise of Ladies and of Lords
   while indifferent and fearful ones hold still their tongues and swords.
  I point no fingers, say no names, else this be seen in dismal taste;
   but what King, or Peer, or Lofty Belt, would abide by such disgrace?
  And some will say they never strayed or put the Dream upon the shelf;
   but to turn your head and walk away is to commit the act yourself.
  What Dream is this that bars our minds from all the tales and times
   of the Honor Bound who showed us how to rule our hearts and minds?
  Where are the Legends of this realm, how could they all have gone?
   Well they taught us many lessons we now cease to carry on.
  So our Heroes have all gone the way of Ragnar’s Fallowmoon
   to rest upon the Fiddler’s Green whilst we spell out our doom.
  So many could take up the flame and lead us from this night
   But we refuse to see the truth, defend our Dream, and fight.

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